Emergent SoundScapes

by E'KaL

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Unfinished EP, but I might keep Emerge, On 2 Heaven, The Sonic Waves of the Crashing Rain & Fractal Plasmonics and say it's a finished 4 Track EP. I dunoo.


released June 25, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


rayko UK

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Track Name: Emerge
Evolution is a term used to define one thing. The self going through a cycle where it's conciousness changes, due to the set of experiences it has observed within the universe of it self. That little piece of infinity that constitutes all of creation. It always adds it's own bit of information that benefits the whole, because we are all part of the self.
Track Name: On 2 Heaven
Well see the thing is; Music let's us ride a rollercoaster of emotion, where it's ups and down are the smiles and frowns of the one who wrote it. It's all encoded in that sequence of notes, of how they flow forward and forward with the steady rhythm of the sun and the beat, of our life.
Track Name: To Dance In The Rain
"Dancing in the Rain" by Jordan Lavigne

Life pushes us to live.
As much as we fear to open our hearts to that which we don’t understand,
we must at some point in our lives,
whether it be our death or our decision,
embrace what is beyond our current paradigm.
The river of life will always become the ocean.
The gift is in knowing that in every moment we are the water. We are the essence, We are ALL.
Some call others "gifted" and others “genius", the ones who do not merely live, but also FEEL alive.
And Those who have learned how to share that life with others are deemed “enlightened" beings, although all they have done is become friends with the human fear of freedom.
The only difference between these people and any others,
is that while some only love life in the warmth of the sun,
these people CHOOSE to dance in the rain
to the music they hear beating from within their hearts.
They have learned to tune their bodies and minds to their spirit,
so that the song of the Universe may flow through them unimpeded.
Others flock and talk to them, unsure why they believe their fantastical words…
they are hearing all of life sung through them,
the sound shaped by their innately unique perspective.
Their presence alone steadily hums the melody that we call love
to all those who will listen.
All it takes to heal the mind, body and soul is to sit and listen to the song of life...to feel it’s rhythm dancing through you.
All it takes to heal others, is the willingness to sing...
The voice of each soul is beautiful,
and if we truly wish to know them, then we must listen to their presence.
We must praise the life and love within them, and encourage them to sing their own song.
To those we admire, we listen, to those we love, we sing.
Peace on Earth is what will naturally happen when we all align and begin to sing in harmony.
The Sun, the Earth and all those who dance in the rain patiently wait for us all to listen, to hum, and finally to align with love and begin to sing.
The choirs that sing the songs of war, chaos and destruction are beginning to hear the sour notes they continually add to the music of life...
They are realizing they’re out of tune and unable to sing the life giving song of love to themselves or anyone else anymore.
They long to be at rest, to be at peace, to be loved, able to listen to the song of life flowing through them…
It is possible to sing the songs of peace and compassion from within the chaos of greed and envy, until order and devotion build upon themselves... until we all sing so beautifully, that all of life gives in, swaying to the sound, not only singing, but dancing ecstatically in the ever increasing resonance.
Humming like children, singing like angels, and dancing like lovers,
will heal the body, mind, and soul and save this world,
and it all begins with being able to listen to the silence beneath every song… being able to feel the peace within the silence of noise, so that we can hear and create our music from and within that silence, instead of the ever drowning out off all others, in order to sing our own song above theirs.
Feeling the silence within and beyond all music leads to the awareness of harmony, and with harmony comes love, and with love, all wounds will heal, and a peace is known that falls like rain.
We can either be afraid to open up to life, to sing, to dance, to love,
or we can choose to dance in the rain and feel ALIVE.
Track Name: Fractal Plasmonics
Like waves in the rain,
We look at the stars,
in between the atoms 'nd all,
For a little bit of meaning,
of truth and beauty.
Like the vapour trail of a fallen star
Can you see it, how beautiful it is?
Pulsing, like the beat of your heart.
Endlessly beating, till it Ends, in the vasteness of space.
Like us ALL, the ephemeral ones,
The ever changing shapes and forms.
That dance in the emptiness of it all.
Like A choir at dawn.
We just hold on to attachment, till it hurts
because without it, do we ever trully live.
So we just Mourn when it's gone,
Good morning Beautiful

Let love fly
And you'll see it Rise
High into the Sky.